Premium Audio Suite For Video Creators & Agencies!

Simply click, download & create incredible sounding videos! Fully licensed and royalty-free for your peace of mind.

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Great Video's
Need Great Audio

Audio doesn‘t mean one style fits all. You need a variety of tracks in different styles & genres to set the mood of each video. That‘s why Twinkle provide‘s you with tracks in a wide array of genres & styles.

But... Licensed audio is expensive!

You want your videos to keep your viewers engaged into your message, 

and quality audio does just that...

But royalty-free audio tracks are expensive. Just take a look at sites like shutterstock, Pond5 

or audiojungle and you‘ll be paying $20 - $50+ per track for a limited use license.

And unlicensed audio will get you banned... 

Using unlicensed audio in your video's is against YouTube's terms and is getting many people's YouTube's accounts shutdown. Often without warning.


The all in one audio platform designed for creators & agencies!

Premium Tracks in All Music Genres

Whatever video you make, we've got you covered

Happy & Upbeat
Logo Idents

Including Powerful Audio Tools for Video Creators

Turn any script into a realistic voiceover

Multi Language Text to Speech Creator

Now you can easily create your own voiceovers using our text to speech creator built with over 30 languages, & 70+ voices to choose from! Adjust the speed, pitch & add pauses in seconds.

Make your videos pop literally

Premium Sound Effects Library

Turning average videos into engaging videos is all about the details. Adding soundfx is great for creating more character & emotion in your videos, and essential for explainer videos.

But it gets even better... (Like better every month)!

With New Tracks Added EVERY Month in your Twinkle account!

Every month we add new tracks into Twinkle and when you purchase, you'll get access to every new track. EVERY month.

And if you still can’t find 

what you’re looking for…

Submit a custom track request!

Yeah, our sound artists are the best! And will continue creating new tracks based on our users requests! 

Simply shoot a link to a track you like and we’ll do our best to create something similar (without copying of course)!

Special limited-time bonus

Get Twinkle VFX Pack FREE!

Our Vfx pack includes over 100 custom made visual effects in both .mp4 & transparent webM formats, perfect for using in CreateStudio!





Light Leaks





Glitch Effects

Get Access To The Entire Twinkle Platform

Over 700+ Custom Made Audio Tracks in all popular music genres, giving you all the variety you need.

Real Value $25k+

20 New Tracks EVERY month so you'll always have fresh new tracks to use in your videos & client videos!

Real Value $10k+

SoundFX Library so you'll always have fresh new tracks to use in your videos & client videos!

Real Value $25k+

Royalty-Free & Fully Licensed Tracks for your peace of mind, so you can use them in unlimited personal & commercial projects as well as with clients.

Value $1,000+

Visual Effects Pack so you can easily add special effects to any video with transparent backgrounds.


Choose your preferred plan

Personal License


billed annually

New Tracks EVERY Month
Unlimited downloads
Sound Effects Library
Royalty-Free for your peace of mind
Personal use license 
FREE Bonus #1: Twinkle VFX Pack

Best Value

Commercial License
+ VFX Pack


billed annually

New Tracks EVERY Month
Unlimited downloads
Sound Effects Library
Royalty-Free for your peace of mind
Commercial use license 
FREE Bonus #1: Twinkle VFX Pack

Just want Twinkle VFX Pack?

Purchase our VFX pack without audio for just $49


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Twinkle from the same company as CreateStudio?

Yes, we are the creative inventors behind the awesome video animation software CreateStudio! We've just release Twinkle as a new addition to our suite of tools for video creators.

Is Audioflow & Twinkle related?

Yes, Twinkle is our newest version of audioflow. If you are an audioflow user, you do not need to purchase Twinkle as we are making it free for all audioflow users. Simply shoot us an email with your Audioflow receipt and we'll create you an account! The VFX pack is however is available to purchase separately for audioflow users.

Included in Twinkle are loads of new audio tracks as well as the incredible benefit of getting new tracks for free every month!

Are there any upsells for this offer?

No, included in your purchase are all feature's, music track, soundfx & lifetime access to Twinkle!

Which license is right for me?

If you are a charity, non-profit organisation, church or just creating videos for personal use, you can grab a personal use license. If you plan to use Twinkle music for your business, for clients, YouTube or other marketing then you will need a commercial license.

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